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Business community

Established businesses in Taber already enjoy the benefits of the lower cost of doing business in our community. Aside from lower operating expenses, your business will benefit from easy access to suppliers, markets and transportation, a vibrant customer base, and a stable, well-educated workforce. These are just a few of the advantages of doing business in Taber.

In terms of the availability of commercial property, Taber has a large business community that is physically located across three main commercial areas:

  • downtown area
  • highway commercial area
  • industrial area

The majority of Taber’s retail businesses are located in the downtown and highway areas. The highway commercial area is also home to light industrial businesses. The industrial area is Taber’s largest business area and is comprised of approximately 7 quarters of land (this includes developed and industrial reserve land). Approximately 4 quarters have already been developed.

The Eureka Industrial Park is Taber’s newest industrial area. The first phase of its development is completed. Development of the second phase commenced in 2015. Features of this state-of-the-art industrial park include:

  • fully serviced lots
  • integrated stormwater management system
  • plans for two stormwater lagoons to be located within the industrial park


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